I don’t know when it happened, but at some point over the last year, I started doubting myself. I started doubting my skills and abilities. I started doubting my friendships. I started doubting my interests. And I started doubting who I was as a person. Which is very unlike me.

Thankfully, I’ve got a strong group of friends, family and mentors behind me, supporting me and building me up.  The most important thing I’ve realized when combatting self-doubt, is that you have to keep your eyes open for opportunities. I was doubting my skills as a horseback rider. Then this past summer, I was offered a job, out of the blue, exercising horses. I showed up to the interview thinking I’d be turned away once he saw how poor of a rider I was. Instead, he was impressed with my skills. And I realized that although a few injuries have hindered me, and kept me from being an excellent rider, I’m still good at what I do.


When you are constantly doubting yourself, you often miss out on opportunities. Or you may forget to go out and make your own opportunities. I can handle someone telling me no. That doesn’t scare me. The thing that keeps me from jumping at opportunities is my fear of hearing them say “no, you’re not experienced enough, or you’re not skilled enough in that area.” But then I remember the person I used to be. The one who would take that criticism, and say “challenge accepted.” Let me go out and get that experience. Watch me go somewhere else to learn that skill and show you what you missed out on by telling me no. I remember that I’m awesome, and I’m resilient, and that I can do anything.


Consider this your reminder to be a badass who faces her fears and doubts by saying “Challenge Accepted”. Now sit back and watch me succeed.