There are certain points in your life, where saying yes to everything is important. That new job. Family gatherings, so grandma doesn’t keel over from doing all the work. When your friend needs some help to get through a hard time. But choose these “yes” moments carefully.

Your time is valuable. Your energy is limited. And you need to look out for Number One, too (in case you’ve forgotten, you’re Number One).

Feeling overwhelmed? I know that everyone wants a piece of you (because you’re awesome), but start by prioritizing your goals. Figure out what you want to accomplish, and say yes to the activities and tasks that will influence your ability to reach those goals.

I know that you’re miss popular at work and in your social life, but there are only so many hours in the day! Remember to prioritize your people, too! Figure out what individuals in your networks are the folks you should make time for regularity, and identify the people that you can get away with catching up with once a month or once a year.

Finally, while you’re busy working hard and playing hard, don’t forget to make time to chill out! Schedule some me time to watch TV, read a book, meet up with a friend, do something that you’ve been wanting to do for ages, or even just take a nap! Reward yourself, take a breath, and keep hustling.