You do not owe anyone an explanation. For your words. For your actions. For your decisions. Over the past few months, surrounded by peers who always had something to say, who always had an explanation or excuse for each individual action that they took,  I decided to stop explaining myself.

When you use up valuable time to explain the “why’s” of your decisions to others, you are giving them the power to make judgements about you. You’re giving them the power to criticize the way you think, and make decisions. You owe no one an explanation for your decisions. You owe no one an apology for your actions. 

Conquer that fear of being misunderstood. Stomp out that impulse to explain the reasoning or feeling behind your choices. Let your actions speak for themselves.  

Let go of the need to micromanage how people perceive you. Let go of the need for approval from those around you. And revel in the freedom you begin to experience. Freedom from needing validation from others. Freedom from the fear that they won’t understand why you said something, or why you did what you did. Let your actions speak for themselves and stop doubting yourself. 

Own who you are and do not apologize for making the choices that are right for you. Own your feelings, your friendships, your choices. Stand by your decisions, and choose what’s best for you. Without telling the world why. Without apologizing. Take ownership of your successes and failures without making excuses. Be you. Say no when you want to say no. You don’t need a reason to say no. Say yes when you want to say yes. Be you, and don’t ever apologize or be ashamed for it.