Being a boss in my life, my career and my relationships leads me to many moments of introspection. I am self-aware when it comes to my strengths. I’m cognizant of my weaknesses and continuously working to turn them into strengths. But what do you do when someone tells you that they consider one of your strengths to be a weakness that needs work?

My last post was about being direct, and saying exactly what you think. I pride myself in the fact that I can clearly get my point across, using research and facts to sell my point, and say what I’m thinking when I disagree with someone. In work and school situations, I want to make sure my team is putting out the best quality work possible. So if I disagree with a point you’ve brought up, I’m going to tell you. And support my argument with facts. So that the end result in our project or file is the best quality work we could have put together. 

I don’t consider this a weakness. When telling me that I need to use softer words, and be less direct in order to be successful, I have to disagree. Because I have many arguments to support that idea of directness in conversation, and many to argue that being indirect and using fluffy, touchy-feely words hinders your ability to get your point across and sell it effectively. Being direct is a weakness? That’s your opinion. This is mine. 

Has any one ever told you that something you consider a strength is a weakness that needs to be changed? Let me know in the comments.