Positive Psychology is the study of happiness in individuals. Specifically, it aims to increase happiness, satisfaction, strengths and positivity by making everyone more mindful, and putting you in control of your own happiness. Sound like something you could get into? Follow these steps everyday to put you back in the drivers seat while you cruise towards your own happiness:

  1. Remember your strengths: remind yourself what you’re awesome at, and rock those strengths. Build your self confidence by acknowledging what you’re great at, and showing the rest of the world how awesome you are. Try to refrain from dwelling on the skills that need some work. You can certainly improve those skills with time, but while you’re doing that, don’t forget to constantly remind yourself that you’re great at everything else!
  2. Share the love: compliment others. Tell them what you admire about them. Make them feel strong and powerful, and you’ll feel pretty great yourself! Share the love, and pick some people to share the positivity with each and everyday.
  3. Focus on short-term goals: always have something to feel motivated about. Be motivated by the long term goals, but don’t be discouraged by how far away they may be. Focus on the more easily attainable goals to keep you going on the day-to-day, and cross those smaller goals off your list as you go. It feels great to get stuff done, and know that you’re that much closer to attaining those longer term goals.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments: treat yourself. Cross things off your list, enjoy that feeling of accomplishment, and celebrate the successes (big or small)! Treat yourself to ice cream, a glass of wine, a movie night, a spa day with friends, whatever floats your boat. You deserve it!
  5. Focus on the positives: Falls down stairs…”Man I got down those stairs fast!” Reframe the way you think about negative situations. Look at the bright side! It’s hard to re-train your mind to see the positives in negative situations, but there will always be some sucky things that happen in life, and there will always be a positive outcome, even if it’s hard to see. Whether the positive outlook is the realization that it could have been worse, or the realization that you learned from the experience and you are better for it, look at life with the “glass is half full mentality” from here on out.

Deal? See you in the happy lane!