Whether you’ve known what you want in your life since childhood, or you’re still figuring it out as you go, pursuing your ambitions can be a struggle. Getting that dream house, dream car, dream job, and dream guy doesn’t happen overnight! 

1. Identify your goals. 

The short term and long term. You likely have many goals related to different areas of your life. You could have goals related to your dream job, your dream car, your dream house, or your dream guy! Write down what you want to accomplish, and put it on your bedroom wall for you to see everyday. Make a collage of what you want, or change the background on your phone to remind you of your goals. Constant reminders will help you to focus on achieving the goals you set for yourself.

2. Prioritize.

What is most important to you now. What are the long term goals that are not necessarily attainable at this point in time. Create a time line of when you want to accomplish certain things. Then move on to step 3.

3. Identify the “How?”

What can you do today to help you achieve each goal? What can you do next week, next month, next year to help you achieve that goal? Looking at your timeline, your dream house may be two years away, but you may need to start saving today in order to get it! Are you going to put away $10 a day for the next year to save? Pick up a shift once a week and use that money towards it? Do you need to take classes at university to get your dream job? Plan out how long it will take, how you will pay for it, what classes you need, etc. The how is one of the hardest things to nail down, so be realistic and stick to your plans. 

4. Stick to your commitments.

It’s not easy! Set yourself up for success by using a calendar. Use apps to remind you or help you to achieve your goals. Set up a special bank account with automatic withdrawals if your goals have a monetary component to them. Tell other about your goals so that you are accountable. Find friends with common goals and work toward them together. Build your support system and make yourself reminders (sticky notes, images, calendar reminders, etc.) to help keep you focused for those longer term goals. 

5. Lastly, don’t get discouraged.

You may hit setbacks. You may break routine sometimes. There may be extenuating circumstances that interfere with your plan. But remain positive. Do what you can to get back on track and pick up where you left off when those hiccups in life threaten to push your goals further away. Life isn’t perfect, but you are in control. So accept the challenges, and start from scratch if you need to when life settles down once again. 

Good luck!