My name is Brittany, and I love to write. Write about my life experiences: the good and the bad. Write about lessons learned: a wise boss once told me to never make the same mistake twice. Write about advice: given and received. And finally, write about articles I’ve loved and books you should read.

Please bear with me as I enter into the world of blogging. The idea of putting all of the thoughts in my head down on paper for an imaginary, or very real audience is fairly daunting. Do you ever feel awkward when someone catches you talking to yourself, or your pet? Well, that’s what this feels like! My name is Brittany, and I love to write.

I am a millenial.  A university graduate. A lifelong student. A public servant. A community volunteer. And the owner of a horse who’s attitude rivals my own.

I am a big fan of publications such as Like A Boss Girls, HerCampus, The Bolde, and many more. I encourage you to check them all out and read everything that relates to you. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

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